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International Bello Models Management

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Lv Tower. Champs-Élysées Paris. France
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About: International Bello Models Academy from Paris . is a biggest Models and Actors Academy in the world with 60 live country branch and 125 country online branch . with 20.000 student in film and fashion industry.
We have Training in , Bello models Academies , bello modeling School . kid models school and online models training and we have biggest organization about private models & Actors training , with private coach.
This worldwide company start 27 years ago with registered under Bello models management Paris Group . Bello Academy in start was one of the Bello Group Departments and in after that grows up and become one of biggest international academy in the world.
The important option of this Academy that makes spacial is providing job after training to all students.yes bello academy provide training + international certificate from Paris+work +visa +Accommodation in work time.
Bello Academy training you in :
1- live group class room Academy
2- Online modeling and Acting training Academy
3- Private Coach in your home
4- Multi Media DVD Training System
5- kids Modeling and Acting schools
And now we proud of that students already become a superstar in film and fashion , in Hollywood and Bollywood victories secret . we proud of that students study in Bello Models Academy and 3 time in the world become Miss world and 2 time as miss universe.
Yes you can too . if you have really dream to become an international model or actor or become a superstar , don’t forgot the best and fast way to you to become your dream true is only , International Bello Models Academy , the biggest models and actors trainer and provider in the world.

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350 5th Ave,
New York, NY 10118
Tel 646.530.8333

About: ModelScouts.com was developed in 2001 by a team of international model agents and scouts. Each of whom have a minimum of 30 years experience developing, managing, and placing models with international modeling agencies.
Our staff has managed the careers of hundreds of fashion and commercial models, and we fully understand the various aspects of the modeling industry from contract negotiations, the relationships between international and mother agencies, travel arrangements, overseas accommodations, work visa’s in foreign countries, and more.
Appalled by the number of online modeling sites run by individuals who have never worked in our industry, we recognized the need for a safe, legitimate, and affordable way for new and experienced models to be seen by reputable model agents and industry professionals.
ModelScouts.com offers aspiring models an opportunity to be seen by top modeling scouts, agents, and industry professionals in the most secure, confidential, and inexpensive way.
Over the past few years, ModelScouts.com has expanded to include not only aspiring models, international modeling agents and scouts, but also, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and other industry professionals, all coming together in one place to scout models, and to offer their professional services.

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Click Model Management Inc

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129 W 27th St #12,
New York, NY 10001
Tel 212.206.6229
info@ clickmodelnyc.com

949 Image Avenue, Suite C
Atlanta, Ga. 30318
Tel 404.688.9700
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216 Green Tree Drive
Westchester, PA 19382
Tel 610.399.0700
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About: Click Model Management, Inc. was founded in 1980 in New York City by Frances Grill, Joey Grill and Allan Mindel. The name “CLICK” is in homage to the sound a camera makes and to the photographers and crew who make magic happen.
Over the past 30 plus years Click has added offices throughout the United States and presently represents over 1000 models with divisions focusing on Women, Men, Plus Size, Runway, Showroom, FIT, and Television Commercials. The talent division manages actors and actresses for film, soap and legit work (submit your headshot and resume here).
Many of the world’s most famous faces such as Isabella Rossellini, Uma Thurman, Whitney Houston, Elle MacPherson and Grace Jones have been represented by Click. Click maintains a tight affiliation with Flick East West Talents, one of the most successful television commercial agencies in the country representing hundreds of actors and actresses as well as many of our models for television commercial work.
Additionally, Click works with Framework Entertainment, one of the premier bi-coastal theatrical management and production companies whose clients are world-renowned for their careers in film, television, stage and music.
Click Models remains committed to its successful strategy of growth through new ideas, new acquisitions and continually superior service provided to our talent and clients throughout the world.

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Silent Models

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127 WEST 26TH ST, STE 502
NEW YORK, NY 10001
TEL 646.370.1582
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About: Silent Models NYy offers a highly personalized approach to developing and managing talent. each and every one of our models is carefully selected by our international team, who ensure that each contributes in a significant and unique way to our aesthetic. we set ourselves apart from our peers by remaining boutique-sized and by fostering and maintaining meaningful relationships with our handpicked talent. despite its customized, small-scale approach to talent management, Silent has achieved a significant industry presence, representing top talent such as mathilde brandi, line brems, antonia wesseloh, camilla christensen and dasha denisenko. our client list includes Celine, Mac, Rodarte, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, Harper’s Bazaar, Purple Magazine, W Magazine and Vogue.

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Soul Artist Management

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11 W 25th St #9,
New York, NY 10010
Tel 646.827.1188
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About: Jason Kanner can not remember a time that he wasn’t obsessed with fashion. Maybe it was all the beauty and possibilities that was a stark contrast to his own life.
Barely out of high school he was putting on fashion shows at a popular night club in South Beach. It was there that he met the director of Irene Marie Models (known for discovering a 14 year old Niki Taylor) and began his career in fashion.
He assisted for a short while and then took over the new faces division. A model on the women’s board caught his eye and he set out to revamp her image. The model was Shana Zadrick, and soon both Jason and Shana landed at the innovative agency, Women. His time at Women would be brief, Jason admits that his 19 year old ego got the best of him and while Shana’s career skyrocketed to supermodel status, he found himself unemployed.
David Bosman, recognizing this young man’s talent, brought him to Boss Models and together (along with other foreseeing agents) helped usher in the era of the male supermodel. At a time when coveted contracts and high day rates were only enjoyed by female models, male models like Marcus Schenkenberg broke that mold.
Jason enjoyed his share of female supermodels, representing Amber Valletta, Nicole Beach, Angie Harmon, and Sarah O’hare during their time at Boss Models.
He would spend the rest of the decade there and by the new millennium was the director of the men’s division at Major Models New York.
Jason followed the same instinct that drew him to Shana, while working with Top male models at Major. Kanner was the first to see the star quality of Channing Tatum, arranging sessions with renown acting coach Harold Guskin (Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, James Gandolfini) and set him up with his first film agents at Innovative Artists in New York and then once in Los Angeles, Louise Ward. They quickly booked his first feature and then Channing and Ward ran with it.
Shortly after Channing’s move to Hollywood to launch his meteoric career, Jason again longed to have his own dream and vision realized, and the seed for Soul Artist Mgmt grew into a reality. In 2010, Jason took his modest savings and started Soul Artist Management. In hindsight, it was a bold and crazy move but it happened. Jason doesn’t dismiss the fact that he had many blessings that played a key role in his successful launch.
He credits the loyalty of his models, (Doug Pickett, Simon Nessman and so many others that believed in him), the mutual respect among he and Katia Sherman (president, Major Models) and extremely supportive friends who joined him working side by side, doing whatever it took to see it through. The first 3 months were a blur, much too busy to think about how crazy and improbable it all was and that was probably a good thing.
Needless to say, a very close bond was formed among models and agents, and this is perhaps why when you walk into Soul Artist Management, you are immediately struck by the intimacy of the environment, as if you have walked into some ones home and in a sense you have.
Jason Kanner and Soul Artist Management is literally the story of a kid whose dream came true and what better success story is there than that.

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Sample of the basic portfolio for the model

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A sample of the basic portfolio for the model
Alena (Elena) Baturina

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Portfolio Photo Models

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Портфолио Фотомодели

     Регулярно приглашая модели для фотосъемки в собственных проектах или под заказ, мы сталкиваемся с ситуациями, когда модель, приезжая в оффис, не может показать элементарный портфолио:
а) нечего показать, ввиду отсутствия собранных работ;
б) модель стесняется показывать фотографии с предыдущих проектов и кастингов;
в) портфолио есть, но это набор фотографий сделанных в семейном или дружеском кругу.
     Для модели, которая приехала на свой первый кастинг, это простительно, но 90% претендентов, говорит о своем обучении в школе моделей или уже проведенных раннее фотосессиях. Те же модели, которые имеют базовые фотографии не удосуживаются иметь распечатанный вариант и полагаются на гаджеты с миниатюрным экраном, где не всегда можно понять, кто на снимке, а иногда приложения не открываются, а если и открываются, то все фотографии не систематизированы или находятся в разных папках.
     Согласитесь, модель или фото модель, это профессия и чем профессиональнее выглядит ваш портфолио, тем профессиональнее выглядите и вы.
     Итак, приобретите в магазине канцтоваров форматную папку на 24 или больше прозрачных файлов и начните создавать свой рабочий портфолио. Посещая кастинги, не зависимо от его результатов, требуйте свои снимки. Если вы не подошли в тот или иной проект, это не говорит, что ваш опыт и ваши фотографии вам не пригодятся. Сохраняйте фотографии на компьютере, идеальный вариант обзаведитесь собственным сайтом или страничкой на ресурсе, где собраны модельные портфолио и резюме. Очень хороший результат дают ваши работы на сайтах фотографов, которые вас снимали или интернет ресурсах, в проектах которых вы участвовали. Везде позиционируйте себя как модель, не тушуйтесь.
     Позаботьтесь о наличии в портфолио снэпшотов. Компонуйте эти снимки в один блок, чтобы распечатать их на одной фотографии. Это техническая фотография, ведь там вы без макияжа и в купальнике, без ретуши, но для серьёзных модельных скаутов и для отправкив модельные агентства это необходимо.
     Добавляем в портфолио Модельные тесты, фотографии с мягким или жестким светом. Эти фотографии могут быть черно белыми или цветными. Компонуйте их по 2 или четыре на форматный лист.
     Следующий шаг, фотографии где вы в стиле fashion и beauty. Умение рекламировать косметику или одежду, не великое достижение для фото модели. Здесь более уместно умение фотографа и дизайнера, которые снимают и приводят ваши фотографии к экстра классу. Но 5-6 фотографий, от разных фотографов и с разных фотосессий будут очень желательны в вашей папке с фотографиями.
Завершающий штрих создания портфолио, фотографии с модных показов, рекламной фотосъемки, журнальных публикаций. Умение быть характерной моделью - высший пилотаж. Таких снимков в портфолио должно быть немного, по мере появления новых снимков, заменяйте ими старые.
     Немаловажное значение для фотомодели имеют определенные части тела. Изящные руки, ноги, возможно, разрез глаз, длинные ухоженные волосы и т.д. Уделите этому, в вашем портфолио особенное значение и отведите для этих снимков отдельные странички.
     Вот и все. 
     Всегда сложно только в начале пути. Но собрав свое портфолио, вы сможете продемонстрировать себя во всей красе. 
     Несколько рекомендаций напоследок:
- тщательно отбирайте для портфолио снятый материал;
- не собирайте в портфолио снимки с одной фото сессии;
- не собирайте в портфолио фотографии от фотографов, которые снимают репортажи или свадебные фотографии.
    Как вариант портфолио, составленного для отправки в модельные агентства: Фотомодель Елена Батурина (большая часть фотографий была сделана и отредактирована студией Art of Success).

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555 WEST 25TH ST, 6TH FL
NEW YORK, NY 10001
Tel: 212.226.0080
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BMG Model and Talent

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45 west 29th street 4th floor south
new york, ny 10001
Tel 212.279.6800
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456 n may st.
chicago, il 60642
Tel 312.829.9100
chicago @bmgmodels.com

310 east buffalo street suite 138
milwaukee, wi 53202
Tel 414.882.7575
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5455 wilshire blvd suite 900
los angeles, ca 90036
Tel 323.692.0900
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2020 e. robinson st.
orlando, fl 32803
Tel 407.894.1910
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1000 5th street, suite 200
miami, fl 33139
Tel 305.673.1232
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1755 the exchange, suite 350
atlanta, ga 30339
Tel 404.800.6600
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About: We are a 20 years strong talent agency representing talent in the entertainment industry in our principal offices of Chicago, Orlando, Miami and Los Angeles. We represent adults and children in the areas of on-camera, commercials, TV and motion pictures. Our sister agency is the renowned BMG Models in Chicago, New York, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Atlanta.
In today’s marketplace, teamwork between the talent, the agent and the client is a must. Our philosophy brings to the table an ease of communication that provides the cohesion necessary to get the job done and provide a winning situation for all involved.
Our company fills many roles: loyal business partner, industry leader, promoter of actor development and growth, and responsible community member. At BMG Talent we’re passionate about what we do, and it shows.

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Model Management Group

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1024 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10018
Tel 212.253.8353
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